Beading Loom Designs

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beading loom designs

Weave cloth, is an activity that makes cloth using a loom. The way it works is flexing some the thread with a certain tension and then woven to form a motif fabric. The working principle can be applied not only fabric but also beads.
Maybe you’ve seen bands with traditional motifs made of beads, was made by way of weaving. To make a bead woven, can be done by hand or with a loom. With the loom, making the resulting speed and neatness, and it becomes very easy, and you can stop at any time without worrying.

There are many kinds bead loom designs. Design a fairly popular one is Native American beading pattern. Other designs such as handband pattern, Redman pattern, flowers, Rainbow, Diamond, square and many more.
Basically choose a design that you like, and do not be afraid of color contrast, actually is the main attraction bead loom.

Happy to be creative …

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