Bear Hunting With Dogs

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bear hunting with dogs

Bear hunting,  is an activity to hunt the bear animal, large animal, class Carnivora and they just mammals.  Black bears are very well known for hunting, especially in America, Canada, Alaska and Mexico.  The size of this black bear can weigh over 600 pond (272 kg) for male, and over 300 pound (136 kg) for the female, and their habitats are found in North America, and included in the protected animals for hunted at this time. Size bears this many influences, such as gender, habitat, age, and type of bear. Black bear is not bear that the largest in the world, but brown bears and polar bears.
Hunting of bears for meat and fur. Hunting bears usually in spring time, because that’s when bears have thick fur, and his hunting area around the timber forest or agricultural land wheat. Hunting bears needed some tools and good technique. The tool not only hunting shotgun, a quality binoculars as well. Bears are animals that have a strong sense of smell and sharp eyesight. Therefore, hunters must first observed them, especially when they are eating, and then determine the appropriate time so that bears do not run away.

Hunting bears with dogs sometimes assisted. These dogs tasked to attract attention bear by barking, so that bears do not notice the presence of hunters. At that time, hunters will easily get closer to the bear from the other side. This hunting dog must have been trained to chase, bite and grabbed the bear. It is very helpful to the hunters that bears keep in place for some time finally executed by hunters.

Hopefully helpful, and happy hunting .. :)

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