Cool Mountain Bikes

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cool mountain bikes

Here in this article I want to share you about the cool mountain bike that might you got an inspiration. Talking about mountain bike that bike have special character to ride with any stretch of land. Characteristic of a mountain bike are tire with have track, steady steering bar, speed gear more than 7, disc brake and equipped with front and rear shock.

The bike owner basically shown their personality by modification their bike.  In the picture above some changing form was made, mainly on frame hardballs, small gearing as micro gearing, and  sprocket. Then to make it more attractive and harmonious, the owner adds a red accent in some parts, such as rims, sprocket, pedal,  steering bar, hub dan break. It looks cool right ?..

Moreover this bike reminiscent of a model of the dirt jump bike hardballs or freestyle bike, no available saddle there :) A mountain bike built for dirt jump bike tends to have a smaller frame. Some company are building dirt jump likes Specialized, Kona, Giant, Trek, KHS, and more.

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