Crochet Patterns Scarves

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crochet patterns scarves

Scarf patterns have many kinds. Generally scarf made by 3 categories, men, women, and children. Its easy to distinguish three categories are of color threads, as well as models and accessories attached to the scarf.

Crochet scarf is so common, many patterns are available. Starting from the super easy, quick to crochet shawls complex projects and large. For people who love crochet, she wants a scarf crochet pattern distinct from the common, out of the design. Sometimes they put together a range of crochet patterns, such as for children’s crochet scarf, crochet tapestries, scarves, hoods, and more.

Crochet includes a versatile art of knitting. Many kinds of crochet techniques that you can know to make an interesting scarf. Many provide patterns so, of course, needed different techniques to get it done.

Crochet is synonymous with the hook. Although the hook has a small portion compared to knit a scarf, but the hook is a decisive end. Hook decisive because she worked at the end and as the closing, so it can add a scarf sweeteners.

In crochet instructions that we often encounter using some abbreviations and terms,such as

  • Ch (Chain),
  • Dc (double crochets),
  • Tr (triple crochets),
  • Sc (Single crochet),
  • Sl st (slip stitch), and much more.

This is because to make it easier to read and save space pattern writing. Of course for crochet lovers are already familiar about these abbreviations.

There are also many techniques used in crochet, such as,

  • technique Turning Chain
  • Start the Yarn on the hook
  • technique Yarn over
  • the chain stitch
  • single crochet technique made
  • the slip stitch technique, and more.


On this site I will not go into detail about making a crochet pattern for a scarf, but it gives a general idea of what it is crochet patterns for scarves.


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