Crochet Scarf Designs

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crochet scarf designs

Crochet is part unraveled at the end of a scraf. With innovation, crochet can be made more attractive. The concept makes no different to make scraf you know. Required pattern to make it. Color can add a beautiful display of your crochet scraf. Flower shape is one pattern is much preferred by everyone, especially women.

Definitions of scraf, basically scraf is a cloth worn wrapped around to the way our body such as the neck, the head, or the waist to fashion or warmth purposes. Rome is the origin of the scarf, the purpose of which is used for warmth. And starting in the 19th until 20th century’s, scarves have evolved as part of fashion accessories.

The use of scarves that we already know include that, in cool or drier climates, Moeslim wear a hijab for women, and men called keffiyen, in Christian known as a stole as part of liturgical vestments, some countries traditional clothes, a bandanna, and many others .

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