Drawings Of Graffiti Characters

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drawings of graffiti characters

The meaning of the graffiti, is write or draw a shape or character that is generally described to the media or a surface that is often viewed by the public. More graffiti characters are known through the comics, and cartoons.

Graffiti is an art of drawing on a wide surface, generally is a wall, ceiling, flooring and more, as mentioned in italian word from was derived. Graffiti images are various kinds, such as cartoons, writings, caricature and characters or figures. Graffiti is often regarded as a culture. Therefore, in each region or territory have different types of graffiti as well.

In the drawing graffiti there is no right way to draw it, but we need to develop its own. Draw graffiti characters such as letters, providing plenty of space because we will expand the image that letter. Also bubble letters very often used in graffiti. And graffiti are very popular to use the 3D effect. For additional detail, use a soft pencil sketch by adding the ornament around the image like a bubble. And for the final step, graffiti can be color or black and white only.

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