Drawings Of Wolves With Wings

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drawings of wolves with wings

Wolves or scientific name known by the name Canis lupus, is a savage and wild animals living in the mountain forests. Wolves basically a social animal and used by humans for hunting in the jungle. Wolves often used as a symbol of violence or terror. Depictions of these animals often appear in films and in cartoons. Both media were developed imagination of the wolf, as the embodiment of human wolves, or wolf with the ability to fly (the wolf with wings). The wolf frequently depicted seem more violent and manly among other wild animals.

Drawing a wolf with wings is not easy, it takes practice several times. Many sites that teach or inform you about how to draw a wolf with wings. Some of the parts that is characteristic of the wolf, the shape and structure of the body, tail, snout and ears. And for draw the wings, make a picture look normal to the body of a wolf. Train to just put the wings on his back near the top of the back.

Drawing a wolf with wings is a challenge for any designer. And I hope you can practice all the time in order to get the best picture.

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