Easy Fruit Carving

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easy fruit carving

An activity that uses the tool to shape an object or material by scraping in some parts is called carving. There are several kinds of carving that we are familiar with, namely: Wood carving, stone carving, ice carving, vegetable / fruit carving, and many others more.

Basically carving techniques can be carried out in all sorts of material, that material is pretty solid so it can be in the form by cutting with a carving tool. As a first step and easy, apples can be used as training material to carve, as shown in the image. Carve simple shapes such as square form. It can further be improved to a slightly complicated curved shapes, such as a heart shape. The fruits used as an initial step because it is very easy to find on the market or any where.

Innovation and new ideas is a combination of arts and crafts. fruit carving is one of the arts in cooking. Frequently you see at a dinner party displayed the beauty of fruit carving and making it the center of attention for the invitation. Do you want the food look more attractive, more appetizing, make a fruit and vegetable carving at your party. To make decorations with fresh fruit and fresh vegetables were carved not difficult, all it takes a concentration.

Do not need a special knife, enough already with a sharp knife to carve such beautiful fruit on the apple picture. Therefore, always provide a sharp knife to carve out any time…. Let’s enjoy the carving.!!

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