Easy Pencil Drawings Of Roses

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easy pencil drawings of roses

Pencil drawings, whom those who never use a pencil to draw. Since we were kids started school, a stationery pencil first introduced to us.
For matters of pencil drawings, it is not an easy thing, but that does not mean we can not do the pencil drawings.

To start pencil drawings, for a beginner, the object is the most important. Complex image objects will make us fear and frustration. Therefore the selection of objects to be important, especially for beginners, this example is the rose.
Frequently drawing flowers taken from the side perspective and shows the composition of beautiful rose petal. To begin with, take the rose stems, and leaves if possible. Observe the flowers and stems from the side. Start with a look at the main lines of the flower. Do not ever be fooled in different colors on the field, keep concentrating on the main line. Complete all forms of objects without moving the object altogether.

How did it go? if you are not satisfied, continue to practice, especially to train your vision so as to identify the main line.

Happy pencil drawings…

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