Food Carving

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food carving

Carving is one of sculpturing. Sculpt objects of all sorts, such as wood, stone, fruit, vegetables, ice, and basically all solid objects. Carve, is doing something that is detailed with tools. Carve has a variety of styles, such as relief carving, chip carving and kerbschnitzen. All that is widely used for woodworking.

When carving, physical strength is a major capital than skill. According to some experts carving, among all media carved fruit and vegetables are the most complicated. Nevertheless, fruit carving does not require a lot of tools and equipment is not large, such as a small knife. Also a time, making fast enough. Therefore, fruit carving made by expert cook a mainstay of hotel or restaurant to present their final work.

Basically the technique of carving fruit and vegetables are the same. Techniques have been developed since thousands of years ago from America to Asia (China, Japan .. etc). Perhaps the style of carving china is the oldest in the world.

In the modern era, food carving into a fashion trend. Fruit carving competitions and championships have been widely held. Also the school fruit carving are emerging with the respective trademark. Criteria for a good fruit carving techniques such as level of difficulty, type of products used, color composition, detail carving and design. And overall is the total presentation of carving work.

Almost any fruit can be carved into something beautiful and interesting. And you can start from a simple carving.
Happy carving day…


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