Hiking Clipart

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hiking clipart

Hiking, hobby which are well known by everyone. Hobby can be done by all ages, from children to adults. An outdoor activity close to nature with different terrains, such as mountains. Hiking is very beneficial for health. Hiking can also be a mountain or outdoor recreation.

Hiking, a very pleasant outdoor activity, so many clubs or organizations in the community that was established to accommodate this activity. Hiking and outdoor recreation are, therefore advised a group, or at least 2 people and one of them had experienced at that location. This is to avoid getting lost and still create a fun trip.

Hiking gear is very important, such as compass, commonly owned is magnetic pocket compass. In the modern era it has developed the technology of GPS (Global Positioning System), which can accurately detect the locations of us by guiding from the satellite. In addition, the thing to bring is a hiking bag that containing the logistics or food / beverage, medicine, and others. Arrange the weight of your bag, especially for long distance travel, to avoid fatigue during hike.

Information where the best hiking in the world version of National Geographic :

  • Kungsleden (Sweden),
  • Grand Canyon Hike (Arizona),
  • Everest Base Camp Trek (Nepal),
  • Fitz Roy Trek Patagonia (Argentina),
  • Grindelwald (Switzerland),
  • Yosemite Grand Traverse (California USA),
  • Tonquin Valley(Canada),
  • Bay of Fires Tasmania (Australia),
  • Queen Charlotte Track (New Zealand),
  • Kalalau Trail Kauai Hawaii (United States), Croagh Patrick (Ireland).


About Clipart.
Clipart is graphic art used to describe about our interest,  as shown in the picture on this page, the Ice Skating Clip Art. Clipart like this is usually used ranging from greeting cards to commercial houses. Not all clip art is displayed in the form of print, some are on display in electronics. Currently the most widely clipart displayed electronically. In clipart, depicts a man with complete hiking gear.In general clipart is made as simple as possible with the aim of can be easily identified.

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