How To Make Origami Star

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how to make origami stars

Since finding information about origami on the internet, so this time I wanted to also share the information of how to make origami star. The creation of the forms was inspired by origami shapes around us, such as animals, trees, flowers, vehicles, and also the stars. Because sometimes we want things that made miniatures and have artistic value, one origami.

But I realize it is not all origami diagrams can be easily followed by everyone, need a little extra imagination to read it three-dimensional.

A little overview of origami, many people are familiar with origami. That is an art of paper folding with the goal to create a miniature objects or living things. Origami is the traditional Japanese art of introduced since the 17th century. Because the basis of the origami is folded, it does not need scissors or adhesive. And many origami books that teach basic to advanced origami techniques.

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