Ice Skating Clipart

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ice skating clipart

As in the previous article on this website about ice skating, Ice skating is an activity of gliding movement on ice by using skaters. Ice skating has some basic movements, known as motion contest, let us know, there are: Jump, Spins, Lifts, Steps and Turns, and spirals. The movement was performed and contested in ice skating. Ice skating is also include music into a part of supporting the movement. Music will make a more dramatic and raise the mood.

Clipart is graphic art used to describe about our interest,  as shown in the picture on this page, the Ice Skating Clip Art. Clipart like this is usually used ranging from greeting cards to commercial houses. Not all clip art is displayed in the form of print, some are on display in electronics. Currently the most widely clipart displayed electronically.

In this clip art, describes a lady ice skater by using a special dress, it looks like being a contest ice skating.

In general clipart is made as simple as possible with the aim of can be easily identified.


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