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Kickboxing, I am sure that you all are familiar about this one martial art. A group of martial art developed from karate, boxing and Muay Thai, has been started in Japan in the 1960s and America in the 1970s. Japan began adopting kickboxing name in 1966. Kickboxing known in Japan called the K-1, it was developed in 1993. As a part of the arts, kickboxing is very popular, especially since the 1970s, and also contributed to the emergence of Jujutsu and wrestling.

Some of the popular techniques, such as: punching, Kicking (typical technique), knee and elbow strikes, and defense.

In this era, kickboxing packed in an event such as exercise class or fitness class. Kickboxing class is for beginners to get a cardio work in the body and as a basic introduction of kickboxing moves. And now, many have been established kickboxing or martial arts schools around the world due to his appeal.

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