Knitting Pattern Scarf

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knitting pattern scarf

To make knitting scarf as in the picture, it takes techniques of knitting. There are some basic techniques needed to create knitting patterns, such as:

  • Slip knots, this is the beginning of the start knitted yarn with a knot (loop) inserted in a knitting needle.
  • Easy cast on
  • Thumb cast-on
  • Casting off
  • Plain knitting
  • Purl stitches
  • Sewing up
  • Joining a yarn
  • Abbreviations

Yarn very important role in knitting. At this time many sell with a variety of yarn types and colors, choose one that you like and close it with your guide book of colors. Buy a length of thread to which the information in your guide book that the number of balls of yarn will be enough to make your project.

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