Mom Cooking Cartoon

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mom cooking cartoon

A mother or a woman is very identical to cook, because they are usually prepare food for her children. Cooking is a hobby that is also identical with woman skills.

Foods that usually we enjoy is the result of the cooking process by using a heat process. The technique also cook a lot of variety in the customs and culture of the local area.

Cooking with heat or fire carried by humans in order to satisfy his need for food. Presumably since 250 thousand years ago have begun to cook on a fire, it was revealed by anthropology experts. Subsequently developed until now, many techniques have been developed and modern equipment for cooking. Food is a the mirror of cultural, psychological and even religious influences. Starting from the seventeenth century, at every movement of his century food has made a new thing and the identity of every nation. Therefore, the food material and cooking methods can identify the nation or region is came.

Pictured above are two-dimensional image as visual illustration for a mother who was cooking.

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