Origami Bird Instructions

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origami bird instructions

Many people are familiar with origami. That is an art of paper folding with the goal to create a miniature objects or living things. Origami is the traditional Japanese art of introduced since the 17th century. Because the basis of the origami is folded, it does not need scissors or adhesive. And many origami books that teach basic to advanced origami techniques.

Origami paper is generally square shaped, with having two sides, colored and white on the other, with a paper weight normal 70-90g/m2.

Origami cranes is one of famous origami . This cranes Origami is a lot contested all over the world. The form was ranging from small to large. Another form of origami is origami bird as shown in figure above. It can be categorized as simple origami, you can try it by following the instructions on the image.

Welcome to try… :)

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