Origami Swan Instructions

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origami swan instructions

Origami or paper folding art popular is something interesting and fun. Origami is a Japanese phrase meaning language with pronunciation
O-Ri-Ka/(Ga)-Mi ,

  • 折り= Ori >>Folding,
  • 紙 = Kami >> Paper.


Famous origami shapes, are origami cranes, very famous, and everyone should be able to make it. This time we are going to make origami swans. As you look at the instructions, there are 6 steps to complete, as follows:

  1. Fold the paper in half both sides of the center formed as a kite.
  2. Turn the paper and do the small triangle folds.
  3. Fold up both ends of the paper meet.
  4. At one end (a small corner) folding to form the head of a swan.
  5. Fold mid into two equal parts.
  6. Stretch folds to 90 degrees

bingo .. Origami Swan has been completed .. beautiful ..

Good luck with Origami swan :)


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