Pencil Drawings Of Lily

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pencil drawings of lily

Many different types of lilies that we can meet, especially in sub-tropical regions. The diversity of these lilies are hybrids propagated and vary according to their parent species, such as the Asiatic hybrid flower, oriental hybrids, American hybrids, trumpet lilies, and more.
Pests and Diseases of the lily flower is generally brown spots on the leaves, we are familiar with the name Botrytis. This is usually caused by fungi and viruses.

Lily is one of the most beautiful flower. Lily or Lilium is often regarded as a form because the sunflower petals, each tongue sticking out like the sun.
Lily flowers also made objects other than images of roses. This flower is depicted not only when bloom only, as well as the buds without reducing the beauty of this flower.

Drawing lily can with oil paint or pencil drawings as a simple way. Pencil drawings, a drawing tool that will only give a single color, the color of graphite. Pencil strokes are very interesting, like the image above, Calla Lily. Fortunate that Lily has only two dominant color, so it’s perfect if drawn with a pencil. Pencil in the picture is also defined as the art of drawing monochrome. Perspectives of dark and light is good when drawn with a pencil. including images shadow or reflection of light. The character of the images is lifted with a pencil. Also pencil drawings are also identical to the drawing detail. For a professional, the picture quality can be realized with a pencil drawings, whatever that object.


Happy drawing and enjoy it..





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