Pencil Drawings Of People

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pencil drawings of people

Drawings are the art of using some of the equipment to realize the image into a work. Drawings produces two kinds of dimensions, ie two-dimensional and three-dimensional. We have become familiar with some drawings tools such as pencils, crayons, markers, ballpoint, sand, chisels, brushes, oil paints, and many others.

A long time ago, drawings does not have much color or monochrome or if any bit of color. Instrument used was limited, one of which is the pencil / graphite pencil. Drawings with pensil is a simple instrument drawings, and the results can be amazing. Pencil strokes are visible in the media, and therefore object to draw with pencils usually are people, animals, objects and buildings. That’s because the pencil to expose the details of each object with a good angle.

Drawings people, many people often feel afraid when asked to draw a person as an object. Because of the difficulty drawings people is the similarity to the original image, especially for the face. Do not want to like anyone. This is commonly known as a type of portrait images.The thing to consider when drawings faces are his perspective and proportional. Proportional means between variables constant images of existing shapes. While perspective means drawings on a flat surface as seen in the eyes of the three dimensions. Drawings people can be made from 3 different angles, straight, sideways, and diagonally. The three angles can give different effects, the difficulty level is different. High difficulty level is a straight angle, in the face, eyes and ears be the biggest challenge. Another thing, the face will get more attention when drawings people, facial proportions right is very important, because everyone has a unique facial parts that are not the same as others.

Happy drawings .. :)

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