Pumpkin Carving Face Stencils

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pumpkin carving face stencils

Round pumpkin shape has inspired us to create a work of art, a face. Yes,.. carving a pumpkin face made to be more attractive than just a fruit.

Pumpkin and Halloween, the two things are inseparable and complementary. For halloween events, customized, pumpkins carved into the face of horror. Starting from the simple to the face carving complicated, ranging from simply using a knife in the pumpkin carved directly, to use pattern (stencil of carving). In progress pattern or stencil face that will be easier to carve on the pumpkin. Face Stencils d internet we can get one of them, ranging from free to paid, depending on their level of complexity.

First I thought difficult to apply the stencil on the pumpkin face, it was not difficult. Some simple steps to use face stencil, stencil face print out on paper (size is not larger than the pumpkin), attach the pumpkin surface (select the surface smooth / flat / no defects), puncture needles follow the line of the face carving stencil, remove the stencil face and you will see a pattern like the puncture marks face stencil, cut the pumpkin surface follows the pattern of the puncture, and .. be a face carved on a pumpkin ..

Due to ease of use stencil face, a face that is not only the face of horror. Another character’s face has been applied as well, such as Disney characters, and as the picture above is hello kitty character. This gives a feel of individual on halloween, and cool.

Find your favorite stencil face, and let’s try .. best luck. :)

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