Sailing Boat

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sailing boat

Sailing ship …

Is a ship driven by using such kind of big flag fabric called sails that utilize wind to generate force. Ship construction is generally made with wood. In the past, the sailing ship driven by human power as the rowers and the sails mainly, ship of this type can be seen on Viking ships, Roman ships, Egypt ships, and more . Meanwhile at the present, sailing boat equipped with outboard engines to face the possibility of not unleash air flow at specific regions in order to remain on his trip.

In history of sailing ship has been instrumental in development of human mobility, whether for trade, civilization, transportation instead of travel over land and fishing activity.

There are two modes to use the wind as a power in sailing ship, 1) going to same direction as the wind, 2) going across the wind.

About the wind, we recognize two kind of wind, true wind and wind that come from the forward motion of the boat. Those two combination wind is the apparent wind. There are some sail ship have high capability to travel faster than true windspeed, such as Hydroptere has record 1.71 times the speed of wind, Iceboats can reach 5 times.

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