Simple Pencil Drawings Of Flowers

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simple pencil drawings of flowers

The first thing you should specify in the drawing is a drawing object. As the above picture is Calla Lily flower. To draw flower, we can bring real flowers or by looking at the photos, so we get a picture that is similar to the original.

The image above uses a pencil drawing techniques.

Pencils are writing instruments that can produce good images. With a pencil drawing skills will be improved if you know about your pencil and how to write on paper.

There are several techniques to draw in pencil that you need to know РCross Hatching, Circles and Scribbles, Contour Lines and Smooth Shading. For most techniques drawing, generally there are two types of pencil lead used is blunt and sharp pencil. Sharp-pointed pencil of the most widely used.

In the drawing with pencil, we often see a variety of lines in the figure. It’s called a straight line and texture. When drawing a linear line or a line of textured, so pay attention to line weight. Weight of the line can be adjusted by raising or pressing the pencil on paper. It is often forgotten and not used by people in the drawing with the pencil. In the example above Calla Lily flower image is visible when the pencil lifted and the hit. Not all lines in a full pressure on the paper

At the beginning of the paragraph has been conveyed on a paper drawing. You need a good quality paper, eraser too. Also you need to prepare a clean table or a clipboard if you’re outside or traveling. It is very important to support the techniques drawing with a pencil.

Have a nice drawing..

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