Type of Camera

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In course of time the camera changes the form and function follow the technology of the day. Here are some types of cameras that ever existed until now:

  • View Camera. This is the oldest camera. As his name that this camera is only used to view distant objects or landscape. The camera is known as camera obscura.
  • Rangefinder Camera. This type of camera is are also called pocket cameras or compact cameras. Lightweight and compact are the advantages of this type of camera. But the object is not accurate because it reflects the location of the viewfinder with the lens out of alignment, it makes the shortcomings of this camera.
  • Twin Lens Reflect Camera. As the name implies, this camera has two lenses twin, which one lens to function as viewfinder.
  • Single Lens Reflect Camera. I believe you are familiar with this type of camera. Yeah right ..! SLR cameras. Having a working principle reflected the objects using a single lens to further reflected by the pentaprism into viewfinder, and then recorded by the media (film / digital sensor). This type of camera is excellent for serious photography.Slightly above explanation about the type of camera, hopefully can add insight / information for you.