Wing Chun Kung Fu

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wing chun kung fu


Wing Chun is a martial art of china that later on refine in Hong Kong. Wing chun possessed traits such as fighting in close contact rapid punches, kicks with a tight defense and frisky footwork. Because the effectiveness of wing chun movement, so that self-defense to be effective. Wing Chun has a lot of arsenal fighting in a fight like a kick, punch, trapping, sweep and control techniques.

Some knowledge of the style that needs to be learned in Kung Fu is Chi Sau, weapons, sparring partner, the hand form. Chi sau is the uniqueness of Wing Chun. Chi sau is a form of martial arts training, technique and theory. Chi sau teaches: developing responsive reflexes when fighting with opponents, react to unexpected movements, and practiced with sensitivity.

The benefits of practice wing chun, 1. Raise awareness of higher, 2. Increasing the power of the mind (Find Force), 3. reduce Stress, 4. Having a healthy body and mentally strong, 5. Increasing inside-power to help reconstruction of weak cells , 6. improve the movement of hands and feet are more reflex / sensitive

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